[email protected] Certification (7th Sep – 10th Sep)


For US and Europe Citizens
US: USD 1,000 – 20% introductory offer = USD 800
Europe: € 1,100 – 20% introductory offer = € 880

1. Highly regarded, industry recognized credential
2. Enhance your Agile toolkit with a comprehensive overview of the Scrum framework
3. Learn to leverage Lean principles to identify waste in a system, process or organization
4. Master techniques and metrics Scrum Masters use to improve team happiness & efficiency
5. Enhance your team’s ability to deliver a successful product to the marketplace
6. Learn to assess business value and make critical strategic decisions
7. Master patterns and practices of high-performing Scrum teams
8. How the Scrum Master and Product Owner roles scales in an organization using [email protected]
9. Highly respected, accepted certification by industry.
10. Enhance your Agile toolkit with a full overview of the Scrum framewok.
11. Enhance the team’s ability to deliver a good product to the marketplace.
12. Learn how to determine the worth of the company and make strategic rational decisions.
13. High performing Scrum teams learn routines and procedures.
14. Using [email protected], how the Scrum Master and Product Owner scales positions in an organisation.


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